Amsterdam Research Project

Amsterdam Research Project • BOARDING 2021!

Do you dream of becoming an international consultant? Then why wait?! Put your ambitions to the test and become that international consultant for a year with the Amsterdam Research Project! The ARP has helped Dutch firms & multinationals like ABN Amro, KPMG, Philips, Schiphol Group, and Shell by providing insightful information on frontier economies by performing field research across the globe. We are looking for approximately 15 talented students to join their team as international consultants for the coming year, starting in September 2020 as well.

Project Preparation
When:  from September 2020 to March 2021
Where: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

2021 Trip Information

What: ARP 2021
When:  April – May 2021
Where: Peru
  € 1.000,-
Application deadline: 11th of October
Application open:

This is a Golden Aureus Project, which means it is of the highest level and therefore looking for the best & most-experienced and Master students!

Check the ARP website for more information!