I have a problem, where do I go?

The Student Desk answers practical questions about (re-)enrolment, cancellation of enrolment, tuition fees or student card. You can find most of the information on VUnet. The desk is in the central hall of the main building and is opened Monday till Friday from 10.30 till 17.00.

I missed my registration deadline

At the VU it is no longer possible to register after the registration term had ended. If you wish to apply for an exception you can file a motivated complaint with the faculty board. The Faculty Board will only consider your complaint as valid:

  • If you show there was force majeure (e.g. long-term sickness of yourself, or the passing of a relative) during the complete registration term, making it impossible for you to register on time.
  • In case of disproportionate consequences to your progress in your programme of study.
  • If there is place available in the course in question.
  • Your complaint will only be considered by the Faculty Board if you provide proof showing force majeure or disproportionate consequences to your progress.

Advice and Contact

The VU offers academic advisors, Student counsellors, Student Psychologist Counsellors. You can contact them and make an appointment using your VUnet account at this link

Examination board

The examination board is responsible for the final decisions regarding your exams. They are responsible for:

  • Maintaining and assuring the quality of all examinations in the study program.
  • Appointing examiners.
  • Authorized to take decisions on applications and requests for admission, exemption, the approval of optional.
  • components, the approval of deviations from the regular program.
  • Authorized to handle cases of academic misconduct.
  • Establishing whether each student meets the requirements of the study program and can therefore be awarded a degree, in an objective and expert manner.

If you have any questions regarding your exams, course replacement, exceptions or additional opportunities you can contact them using VUnet using this link

Apply for graduation

You are responsible to submit your own graduation and diploma applications, and to satisfy the proper requirements for this process. It is therefore important to pay attention to the procedures concerning graduation. Learn more at VUnet through this link