Jamaica is an island situated in the Caribbean. The Jamaican culture is very diverse, which can also be seen in their language. Their official language is English, which makes communication with the entrepreneurs very easy. However, Jamaican residents have a distinctive linguistic style that you’ll likely have heard before. The local dialect combines elements of other languages, from Spanish and African dialects to Irish, British and American phrases. Another interesting aspect of Jamaica is its cuisine, which is absolutely delicious. Jamaican cuisine focuses on huge flavours, with plenty of Caribbean spices that really pack a punch.

Religion goes hand in hand with Jamaican family culture, and you’ll notice as you travel around the island that there are churches almost everywhere you look. In fact, there are more churches per square mile in Jamaica than there are anywhere else in the world. There is a wide range of different types of Christianity being practised. As well as Anglicans, Catholics and Baptists, you’ll find Presbyterians, Methodists and Seventh Day Adventists. Not only that, but Jamaica is also home to many communities of Jews, Muslims, Hindus and of course Rastafarians.