Graduates Development Program Update #3 ready for takeoff!

We can almost say the words: Sawobona SwazilandHello Swaziland! Only one week left, and then we will be leaving for Swaziland. Looking back, it has been an amazing year, with the best part yet to come!

Personally, I have never worked with such an enthusiastic and passionate team. Besides our jobs, studies and social life, this group of 15 students of the GDP 2016-2017 puts in all the effort to make our journey possible, and go to Swaziland to help enterprises and All out Africa with the challenges they face, in order to give them a sustainable solution to improve their current way of doing business.

In September, the committee started out with just a vision about what kind of project we would like to work on. After many (and with many, I mean MANY) Skype sessions, meetings and emailing we chose our destination and partner: All Out Africa in Swaziland.

After that, we had the luxury to select our team, and the fundraising started right away. Where one team had to get up at six o’clock to sell stuff at the IJhallen, the other team closed the doors of club OaK at the same time just a few weeks later. Our fundraising went beyond any of our expectations: everyone worked with full dedication to reach the targets, and almost every event exceeded our expectations. The activities ranged from getting some serious muscle ache at the Race to the Top, to eating our burned calories back on with ‘bitterballen’ on Kingsday. But the biggest event was without a doubt the grand benefit gala: our auction. Every participant worked hard on the acquisition for the auction, but the result was worth it: €13.500.

Now, we are working towards our trip to Swaziland. Interesting research and workshops on business in Sub-Saharan Africa form the foundation of the knowledge we take with us when going away. And with our trip getting closer and closer, slowly the realization comes over me that we did it! Together with Alex, Kai, Laura, Luc, Marfal, Marieke, Mariëlle, Marije, Melinda, Melissa, Noura, Pepijn, Robert and Rochelle we made the GDP 2016-2017 possible. We raised the money, prepared ourselves and now are almost good to go. I honestly can’t wait to leave. It will be an unforgettable experience.


written by Maxime Kruisheer, the Chairman of the Graduates Development Program


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