What is a board year at Aureus?

Get ready for a life-changing year and become a member of the 76th  board of Aureus! 

Develop your leadership qualities, gain communication skills, and learn how to work within a tight-knit team of eight. During a board year, you can build up your professional network, as you get the chance to get in touch with the biggest companies in the Netherlands. Emerge yourself in a challenging and creative environment and get ready to develop yourself at an exponential rate. 

Who are we looking for? 

You are:

  • In the final stage of your VU career (third-year bachelor, premaster, or master)
  • A student of the School of Business and Economics at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam
  • Someone with organizational experience (either within Aureus or externally)
  • Motivated and dedicated to start a full-time job at Aureus and to be present at the events Aureus organizes throughout the year
  • Available for the entire period from June 2024 to June 2025
What to expect?
  • A full-time job;
  • Many social activities, also in the evenings and/or weekends;
  • Discuss operational and strategic matters through weekly board meetings;
  • Supervise multiple committees;
  • A monthly paid scholarship, which can be compared to the compensation for an internship. Besides, 80% of your tuition money will be refunded;
  • To give your creativity full scope in order to organize all kinds of events for multiple types of students
Why apply for a board year for Aureus?
  • Experience what it’s like to manage an organization with more than 6,000 members.
  • Maximize your personal development through professional coaching and training.
  • Gain valuable skills, such as leadership, networking, presenting, and many more!
  • A chance to build up your professional network through contact with VU stakeholders, renowned companies, and an extensive alumni network.
  • A year full of fun, making sure you will create memories for life!

Are you up for a challenge? Check the selection procedure to apply!