Graduates Development Program

Jamaica 2020
Project overview

Our Partner Organization

Our partner organization for this year’s project in Jamaica is RSVP Caribbean Volunteers. With its head office in Jamaica and several sub-offices all around the Caribbean, the company sets a clear mission: “identify programmes and projects that are aligned to local needs and provide mutually beneficial opportunities for volunteers, communities and partners to make a […]

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Graduates Development Program • Home

Since 2013, the Graduates Development Program has offered a group of 15 students from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam the possibility to go on a volunteering trip in developing countries to share their knowledge with local entrepreneurs. The aim of this program is to help these entrepreneurs grow their business by improving their business plans and knowledge. Thereby we have contributed to the development of local communities and long-term success of local businesses. During this program, we will work closely with a local partner to ensure continuity and to meet the demands of the local community.

Together with our local partner, we will improve the economic situation of local entrepreneurs and their surroundings through knowledge sharing such as improvement of business plans or possible investments. Our local partner will provide us with placements, where we will work with the local entrepreneurs and farmers in small groups of 3 students.

Last year, the GDP team went to Uganda to help local entrepreneurs which were a great success! This year, the GDP committee decided on a new project and location which will be revealed soon…

The Graduates Development Program 2020!

Destination: Jamaica

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  • 30 companies
  • 6 different countries

Upcoming events

GDP Urban Trail

What: Urban Trail Who: Graduate Development Program Members Where: Various places in the Netherlands When: 13th of May Every year, various events are organized to raise money to make this project possible and contribute to the Jamaican society. Unfortunately, all events are cancelled due to COVID-19, including the Amsterdam Urban Trail where we as a group would participate on Sunday, May 17. However, the cancellation of this running event does not mean, literally and figuratively, that we sit still! Jamaica is hit hard by the Coronavirus as well. In order to raise money for the GDP volunteer project and still be able to add value and make an impact, the GDP team will organize its own corona-proof urban trail. On…

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Previous projects

Kampala, Uganda • 2019

What is the project about? Food and income are the basic needs of every household. In Uganda, agriculture is the backbone of the country’s economy, employing over 70% of the population. However, the income distribution is extremely unfair, causing many of the farmers to live in poverty. This in combination with poor agricultural practices, low […]

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Haut Bay, South Africa • 2018

The Graduates Development Program of 2018 went to South-Africa to help local entrepreneurs develop their business. The Graduates Development Program was a unique experience. Working together with 15 students, organizing a lot of events to raise money and eventually going to South-Africa for three weeks where you work closely together with local entrepreneurs. You can […]

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Swaziland, Ezulwini Valley • 2017

The Graduates Development Program of 2017 went to Swaziland to help local businesses develop. Our projects consisted of helping entrepreneurs with their bookkeeping, helping a social enterprise with its product development to set up a microfinance project at our partnering NGO. The team raised over €20K of funds through participating in events, organizing our own […]

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Bocas del Toro, Panama • 2016

About the project In July 2016, a group of fifteen students from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam will travel to Bocas del Toro, Panama, to support local indigenous communities by sharing knowledge in the fields of business and economics. The aim of this program is to help these communities develop economically by improving their current activities […]

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Stone Town, Zanzibar • 2015

In association with the NPO Khaya volunteer project, in 2015 a GDP team set up a project in Stone Town, Zanzibar. It entails helping local entrepreneurs with students business knowledge. Committee Sophie Houtenbos Stijn van der Weyden Ludmila Gräfin von Thun-Hohenstein Lisanne Pistorius Feroz Amirkhan Participants Emilie Berkhout Marleen Biesjot Tom van Vliet Rohit Shah […]

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