Controller & Vice Chairman • Jochem Hoogesteijn

Main responsibilities •  Controlling the budget •  Responsible for the financial administration, taxes, insurances, contracts and all legal matters •  Managing the accounting information systems •  Supervising all controllers of the association (including supervision of underlying entities such as the Amsterdam Career Days and the Amsterdam Research Project) •  Committee coordination: European Study Trip & Master Club Marketing •  Vice chairman of the Aureus Board – developing and maintaining the long term strategy of Aureus

About Jochem

My first Aureus experience was the European Study Trip to Prague during my first year of my BSc in Business Administration. I signed up not knowing anybody, but ended up having an amazing week meeting a lot of new people.

This experience made me decide to apply for a committee myself. Before I knew it, I got to organize the next edition of the trip to Budapest! As the chairman of the committee, I learned a great deal from leading a team with all different kind of personalities.

Closely after I got to organize my first career event, the pilot edition of the SBE Masterday (the introduction day for all Master students at SBE). Last August, the 3rd edition of the event took place and seeing that the event has evolved into an established, professional career event is really rewarding.

After an exchange semester in the sunny city of Lisbon, I took on another challenge: organizing the first Aureus Business Month. Having no clear-cut guidelines, we had to overcome some unforeseen setbacks, which has taught me a great deal of persistence. I also enjoyed the freedom of shaping all aspects of the event from scratch.

After a year of working I decided to apply for the board of Aureus, the ultimate combination of developing myself and all the good things of student-life. Let’s make this year unforgettable together!

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