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Great Place To Work ®

Great Place to Work® is the international partner for organizations who want to develop to a Great Workplace. Moreover, they publish the list of Best Workplaces every year. The Best Workplaces list is highly sought after for its impact on the employer brand. It says to current and future employees , “we are an employer of […]

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Surviving and thriving in the sharing economy: SnappCar

A start-up… Not everyone has the guts to start a business, because nine out of ten start-ups are said to fail. One business that is surviving though is SnappCar. The company operates in a dynamic business area that is in high development with few rules and regulations yet, namely the sharing economy. The founders of […]

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GDP Update #2: The grand auction!

“Do I hear €175? The lady in the red dress bids €150! Who can outbid her?” It was a chilly, but nevertheless sunny day in April. Nothing extraordinary, except for the activities of the Graduates Development Program team: weeks of preparation came down to this very day – auction day! For weeks the team had […]

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What will be your next step?

Life consists of a lot of phases. First elementary school, then high school and after that most of us become a student. Now the real question appears: what are you going to do after your master’s degree? Last February, we attended a presentation at an inhouseday of ING where they presented their traineeship. Afterwards we got […]

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Speaker Series Recap • Dick Schoof

Three weeks ago, the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) visited VU Amsterdam to discuss the current threat level for terrorism in the Netherlands. After the attacks in Paris, Brussels, Berlin and London – four cities that are in many ways similar to Amsterdam – many of us wonder: ‘will Amsterdam be next?’. In […]

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A board year at Aureus with Jerry Melis

Step aboard! Aureus is recruiting for members of the 70th Aureus board. Are you wondering what it’s like to manage Aureus? Where will you spend your time on? Read the testimonials of our previous board members to find out more. Today, Jerry Melis (Vice-Chairman in 2014/2015) is sharing his experience with us.   The application […]

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