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Let’s Talk Aureus #1 • Why you should do a board year at Aureus

Let’s Talk Aureus • Episode 1 For the first episode ever of the “Let’s Talk Aureus” podcast, we give you an insight on what it is like to do a board year at Aureus! The blog committee has interviewed two former board members who tell us how they experienced their board year and what they […]

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How to improve your motivation letter

Are you looking for a new job or internship? Then there is a big chance you will have to write a motivation letter. Writing a motivation letter might sound difficult, but if you know what you are doing it is actually quite easy. Luckily for you Aureus has your back. In this blog, we will […]

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Create the perfect CV

One of the most important aspects to your job portfolio is a professional and good-looking Curriculum Vitae. You want to make sure that you stand out with the content on your CV! Here are some tips to build your perfect CV. Pick a nice design Many companies get lots of other CV’s. So, in order […]

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Everything about Inhouse Days

Whether you are a first-year bachelor or a master student, it is very important to focus on your future career.  Aureus organizes many different events for you to help you learn more about different companies. Especially in-house days are very informative. They can help you find out what you are interested in and what kind […]

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Job Applications in times of Corona

Now that physical contact is on hold due to the Corona Crisis, there are a lot of changes in common processes. One of which is applying for a new job. As we all need an income, applying for jobs is something that cannot wait. To help you in your quest for that perfect job, here […]

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