A board year at Aureus with Emma Vloeimans

Step aboard! Aureus is recruiting for members of the 71st Aureus board. Are you wondering what it’s like to manage Aureus? Where will you spend your time on? Read the testimonials of our previous board members to find out more. Today, Emma Vloeimans (Marketing Officer in 2013/2014) is sharing her experience with us. 

From committee member to board member

During my first year at VU University, I joined Aureus. From the start, I liked the way in which Aureus connects people and offers a diverse portfolio of events. At age 19, I first joined the party committee to organize events for active members. Within a few weeks, I discovered the indescribable impact the association would have on my student life. During the second and third year of my bachelor, I joined several other committees and made friends for life.

Since then, I have learned a lot. The committee work has taught me how to manage projects, processes and people, how to connect with strangers, how to lead groups, how to reflect on your own decisions, and many more valuable experiences. At the last year of my Bachelor I went on Erasmus to Portugal. As I already knew I wanted to do a board year at my fourth year, I applied before I went abroad. During my exchange, I had one last Skype interview with the Selection committee, because they had to be sure that I still wanted to apply, despite all the partying I got used to at Lisbon 😉

Only two days after I arrived home, I went on transmission weekend: a weekend in which my fellow board members and I had to execute all kinds of assignments. From that moment on, our board formed a real team. We shared special moments, supported each other when things were rough and of course we celebrated our successes. Still, that is the part I think I do appreciate most. I made six new friends who I got to know very thoroughly.

From marketing at Aureus to online campaigns at the Bijenkorf

Besides the true friendships and the awesome team that I was part of, I was in charge of two of my big interests: Aureus and its marketing campaigns. I gained very valuable skills, such as designing in InDesign and Photoshop, developing and aligning marketing strategies for both committees as well as the entire association. I learned how to deal with different interests, how politically correct you have to be in some situations and how to deal with overly enthusiastic committee members. And the great thing was: with every decision I had to make, I was fully in charge. I felt empowered and appreciated.

In short, I gained the experience I needed to get ready for the ‘real job’. I had full responsibility for the entire association, a responsibility that will take years of experience in business life. Therefore, a board year forms a huge added value to both committee work and internships. You gain skills and knowledge you will not gain during your student life or first stage of your professional career.

Nowadays I work at the e-commerce department at the headquarters of de Bijenkorf. As the Creative Campaign Editor I am in charge of all online campaigns. Without my board year, my experience would not have been sufficient to start on the job and to perform in the way I do now.

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