On this page you see an overview of all the services Aureus offers for the committee members.There are a lot of perks of being a committee member. Next to a network of new social contacts, we also a lot of services such as personal development, multiple trainings and lots of events.

Personal Development

During your time as a committee member, you don’t only work together with other students but you set goals for your personal self-development and have regular feedback sessions, too. 

At some point you may want to look back to see the progress you made at Aureus. Thus, on the personal development platform you have access to files which are about your personal goals, feedback sessions etc. 

Aureus is there for you to make sure you can maximize yourself.  


During the year we and other committees put a lot of effort in organising different events exclusively for you as committee members. These events can be social events where the purpose is to meet (new) other students, career events to connect you with companies, or others where you can learn new skills and gain new knowledge about several topics. 

To keep yourself updated about that, make sure to regularly check our upcoming events – see you there!

Other services

Besides events we offer several services which you can benefit from as committee members. These include discounts at companies, for the bookstore, summaries, tutoring classes, and e-assessment preparations. Further, when you are interested in starting your master programme at the VU you can contact students from several programmes to ask them about their experiences. 

Learn more about our services here.