Network Officer

Network Officer - Jorim Buisman

jorim Main responsibilities:
  • Contact with SBE board, Head of Department Professors, Board of Advice.
  • Development political and diplomatic network
  • Development sustainable alumni network
  • Responsible for the tutoring
  • Committee coordination: Speaker Series, Alumni, MSC MKT, MSC ECO, MSC ENTR and Sports
  About Jorim:

I thought long and hard about joining the 68th board of Aureus, but when I considered the pro’s against con’s of applying, the choice really was not that difficult. I have always believed that studying business is about more than just completing the academics. It is about developing yourself and preparing for your future. After high school I completed a Fulbight campus scholarship program in the United States, I became active in several student associations, but there was none that impressed me like Aureus did. I have gained practical experience by working at a privately held bank, and I have finished an exchange at Seoul National University. I feel strongly that during my board year at Aureus I can further develop my socials and my professional skills. I look forward to the coming year and feel confident that together with my fellow board members we will raise Aureus to the next level.


[email protected]