HR Officer & Secretary • Asmara Leysner

Main responsibilities

  • Recruitment and selection of new committee members
  • Development of sustainable relationships with members
  • Personal/Professional coaching of Committee Members
  • Communication with BSc Coordinators
  • Responsible for the Aureus administration
  • Committee coordination: Bachelor Club BK, Bachelor Club EBE, Bachelor Club IBA, Introduction committee, Internal events, International Committee

About Asmara
I recently graduated from my Bachelors in International Business Administration with an exchange semester at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Since I skipped a class in primary school, and am thus still quite young, I decided to start my professional career with a Board year rather than directly continuing my studies.

My Aureus career has had its ups and downs. I applied to be a committee member in the first year of my Bachelor but was, unfortunately, declined. However, this did not decrease my motivation and after missing the deadline in February, I applied again in June when I was accepted to be part of the Internal Events Committee.

This committee really allowed me to make a lot of social connections and improve my financial skills, as I was appointed to be the controller. Even though I made some mistakes, which led to less budget for the final event, the rest of the committee has taught me to not dwell on my mistakes but learn from them. The following year I joined the Graduates Development Program as a committee member. With a group of four other students, we were responsible for logistically planning a volunteering trip and recruiting 10 other students to join us on this trip. Additionally, there were four months of acquisition, fundraising and research to spend three weeks in a developing country (July 2019: Uganda), with the purpose of supporting the local entrepreneurs in drafting and achieving their long-term goals. My functions were Internal and Fundraising Coordinator, which means I was end responsible for reaching our fundraising goal and for the internal group relations. This committee was very intensive and there were moments when my studies and my committee clashed in terms of workload. But I learned how to priorities my tasks, deal with pressure and the trip to Uganda itself put all our hard work in perspective.

Both my committees motivated me to sign up for a Board year and continue the exciting adventures and development opportunities I’ve had up until now at Aureus.

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