HR Officer

Board position ● HR Officer

Main Responsibilities • Recruitment and selection of new committee members • Maintaining the pyramid- and evaluation policy • Development of sustainable relationships with members • Mailing/communication with (committee) members and partner associations • Organization and coordination General Members Meeting • Responsible for the Aureus administration • Committee coordination: Bachelor Club BK, Bachelor Club EBE, Bachelor Club IBA, Introduction committee, Internal events

The HR-officer is responsible for all communication towards the members, membership administration and the (strategic) HR policy. You will be in charge of the planning aspect of the committee recruitment and everything concerning the bonding of members. This includes interviewing most of the applicants for active membership, selecting and assigning them to committees and providing them with the right training and coaching to help them in their development.

Essential competencies: • Coaching skills • People knowledge • Communicative skills (both verbal and written) • Representative

Testimonial Asmara Leysner

Why I applied for a board year at Aureus

Since I first joined Aureus I couldn’t get enough of the energy and enthusiasm that the previous Boards have always shown for Aureus, its events and towards the members. So after finishing my Bachelor studies, I was considering what the next step for me would be, among which the possibility of a board year. Seeing I was only 20 and I didn’t yet know what direction to go in, starting my masters didn’t seem like the right step to take. I wanted to do something that allowed me to gain practical and professional experience, make new connections and still be fun enough to feel like a student…….the perfect description of a board year!

The past year I’ve learned to balance a busy and demanding working schedule with enough social interaction to keep myself energised and motivated to keep going. The board has taught me responsibility, planning, letting go, teamwork, the good and the bad, and so much about myself. As cliché as the latter might sound, I did find out what I would and wouldn’t like to pursue in terms of a future career, something that would maybe have taken me 1 or 2 wrong master choices otherwise. Even though a board year might sound demanding, the mixture between personal and professional development through serious tasks and social happenings makes for enough variety to never get bored.

As the HR Officer of Aureus, my main focus points are the Aureus committee members. From the start of the academic year, my task has been to excite and motivate all SBE students to apply for a committee at Aureus. Next to that, my daily tasks consist of guiding 6 committees, coaching and ensuring the personal and professional development of all committee members, and sustaining a good relationship with them. As HR you should be the main contact and face of Aureus for the students.

As the Secretary of Aureus, my main responsibilities are keeping track of communication and administration. This means that I check the info-mail on a daily basis to answer students’ questions, redirect companies to the correct board member, and keep in touch with other associations across The Netherlands. Additionally, it’s my task to make minutes during important meetings and administratively take care of the General Members Meeting.

What kind of issues do I have to deal with?

Supervising 5 bachelor committees means I often have 1st-year SBE/Aureus students in my teams. Starting up their tasks and getting used to the university and the association often takes some time for them, which is only logical. It does mean that after a busy introduction, recruitment and interview period, the start of the year is quite hectic. Also since you have to ensure that all other board members are aware of and executing all starting phases of the committee cycle. However, it did teach me the importance of setting priorities and learning to let go of pressure or stress, which I believe are very valuable skills to learn.