Aureus Academy • Career Trainings

Prepare yourself for the next step! You have probably seen some things passing by about the Aureus Academy and might have been wondering what it is all about? In this week’s blog, you get to know more about the Aureus Academy and its upcoming career trainings! Read more to find out which trainings you can attend and what you can get out of it for yourself.

About the Aureus Academy

Career orientation and preparation for the job market is becoming increasingly important for students. The Aureus Academy is meant to support them in this matter. Therefore, the Aureus Academy provides students the perfect opportunity to acquire and improve important practical skills that are not offered in regular lectures or tutorials. They organize trainings in collaboration with employees from leading companies to help you develop your professional skills.

This year, the Aureus Academy adopted a new concept. Instead of offering individual trainings, they now offer the trainings as part of a trajectory. This gives you the opportunity to dive into certain aspects when it comes to preparation for the job market. There are two trajectories each containing four trainings, which will broaden your career- and digital-based skills. In this blog, we specifically talk about the career trajectory, which is starting next month! 

What do these trainings offer you?

The career trajectory is meant to help you with the development of your career-based skills. Kicking off with a negotiation training given by RoutsLaeven, you will learn about the Harvard approach they utilize when bargaining. A personal branding training provided by Young Capital will follow up the negotiation training, where you will learn how to successfully distinguish yourself from your competitors. Acquire tips and tricks on how to best tackle important job interviews in a training given by Joust. Be prepared for all common assessments used by national and international employers with HelloTest’s e-assessment trainings for only €10,-. By completing this trajectory you will not only develop yourself and your skills, but you will also be better prepared for important moments when entering the job market!

Why should you follow these trainings?

Following these trainings is a fun and educational experience since you get to gain helpful knowledge from real experts in the field and get the chance to develop yourself in other ways than you would in lectures or tutorials. Besides self-development, you also have the opportunity to get acquainted with these amazing leading companies.

Due to the limited availability, a high-quality training with personal attention is guaranteed. These trainings are open for all bachelor and master students of SBE, so you get to make new friends from various studies! And on top of that, every training (excluding the e-assessments) is free and provides you with a free lunch! 

This career trajectory starts in February. Following the whole trajectory is of course not obliged. You are allowed to apply for as many trainings as you want, but we would advise you to get the most out of this opportunity ;). Limited places are available, so be quick! You can find more information about the trainings and the companies providing them here. See you at the Academy!