Currently, the ARP consultants for Thailand 2024 have been chosen. Planning on doing a master’s next year at the VU SBE? You are able to sign up already by sending an email to [email protected]

Are you up for an adventure?

Apply now for the Amsterdam Research Project 2025 if you are looking for a study-related work experience besides your study and before you are going to start your future job! Become a consultant for a year and travel to an amazing destination for five weeks in April and May 2025. ARP gives you the opportunity to cultivate business experience, meet other cultures, experience vibrant teamwork, and have the time of your life!

  • Who? A close team of 20 SBE Master students.
  • What? Perform 5 weeks of research in an emergent market and become a professional consultant for one year.
  • When? September 2024 until June 2025 (trip: April – May 2025)
  • Why?
  • Work with a fun and motivated team of students, but also connect with localsImprove your acquisition and research skills
    • Apply your academic knowledge and work as a consultant
    • Broaden your horizon and discover the culture of Thailand
    • Have a life-changing experience for only €1000 (flight, accommodation, food)

What will your year look like?  

  • Phase 1: Acquisition (September to January)
    We start by acquiring companies who are interested in the project. Company visits will follow and after an agreement, we will write companies a research proposal.
  • Phase 2: Desk Research (February to March)
    Once the research proposal has been approved, the desk research starts. We will gather all necessary information about the company and the destination so that the field research can be as efficient and concise as possible.
  • Phase 3: Field Research (April to May)
    We will work in Thailand for 40 hours per week for five weeks to carry out the fieldwork. Meanwhile, we will keep the company informed of significant developments.
  • Phase 4: Reporting (May to June)
    When we are back in the Netherlands, your team will write a report. This report will be presented to the company.

What do I learn as a consultant?

As an ARP participant, you learn how to conduct professional research for a company. In addition, by participating in the project you will develop your communication skills by doing lots of acquisition. You will be trained to become perceptive to the needs of companies and transform problems into opportunities. Besides, this is a great opportunity to work closely with your fellow students and therefore broaden your network socially and professionally.

What is in it for me?

  • Go abroad for 5 weeks to a developing country
  • Gain relevant, international consulting experience
  • Enhance your resume and stand out
  • Make friends for life with your fellow consultants
  • Earn 6 ECTS for participating (selected Master’s only)
  • Have a life-changing experience for only €1000 (flight, accommodation, daily budget)
  • Receive training from top consultancy firms
  • Develop yourself!

Requirements for signing up

  • You are an SBE Master’s student at the VU in the year 2024-2025
  • You are available for 8-12 hours a week
  • Member of Aureus
  • Not hesitant to contact companies
  • Stress-resistant while keeping an overview
  • But most important… you are fun!

What do I learn as an ARP board member?

During the project, you will learn how to logistically organize a research project abroad as well as how to lead a team of 20 students. Next to that, you will acquire a consultancy assignment appointed by companies. This is followed by desk research in preparation for the five weeks of field research. The end result is a consultancy report that provides well-funded answers and recommendations to the research question. During this process, you will be supervised by professors of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam with specialized market knowledge and experience. The Amsterdam Research Project is a perfect opportunity to develop yourself in a variety of ways!

Planning on doing an SBE master’s next year in 2025 and are willing to make the most of your year?

Please send your CV + Motivation letter to [email protected].

  • Please specify whether you are interested as a board member or a consultant for 2024-2025!

Do not hesitate to ask any questions!