The Amsterdam Research Project (ARP) offers Dutch and international companies a unique opportunity to discover their business opportunities in emerging markets. We provide strategic and tailor-made solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our high-quality research gives insights into an emerging market with locally verified data, all against cost price.

Our project’s track record shows high-quality results that enable partner organizations to obtain a competitive edge overseas. Because our students have different backgrounds, we are able to offer new perspectives on your questions.

Type of Projects

Whether your goal is to develop new markets for your products, outsource manufacturing, or build trade relations, we can help you find the answers you need to get started. Initial desk research and ongoing interactions with various political and commercial stakeholders have revealed that Thailand has a range of opportunities.

Examples of our consultancy services are:

  • Market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Outsourcing possibilities
  • Import & export analysis
  • Business partners analysis
  • Market expanding opportunities
  • Consumer behavior analysis
  • Sector analysis

    Why choose ARP:

    • Tailor-made approach
    • Research against the cost price
    • Trained and consulted by top consultancy firms
    • High-quality research

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