Colombian Economy

The Colombian Economy has been growing at high rates during the last decade, due to the confidence and business opportunities that the investors have found in this emerging market. Nowadays, foreign investors see Colombia as an emerging destination for secure investment.

Why invest in Colombia?

  1. Business climate in Colombia

In the past decade, Colombia has single-mindedly focused on improving the business climate. As a result, inward foreign direct investment (FDI) has been soaring. Colombia is seen by investors as a dependable, stable place to operate. Bogota is a business-friendly city that offers investors one of the best entrepreneurial environments in Latin America. According to the latest World Bank analysis, Bogota is the easiest city in Latin America to conduct business.

  1. Active economy in the Global Market

Colombian has extensive trade relations and exports to 181 countries, with more than 9,700 exporter companies. This country’s strong international integration with eight free trade agreements in force, three signed agreements and five under negotiation will give you preferential access to a market of more than 1.5 billion customers.

  1. Interconnected with the world

Colombia has easy access to global markets thanks to its privileged geographical location in the center of the Continent and developed logistics infrastructure. Bogota air terminal boasts the largest cargo transportation capacity in Latin America and ranks third in terms of passengers.

  1. Skilled labor and flexible labor regimes

The capital’s 109 institutions of higher education enroll over 759,000 students and graduate.  A young, skilled, 4.6 million strong workforce ensures the scalability of any operation. Colombia has one of the most flexible labor regimes in Latin America.

  1. Country striving for innovation and development

Colombia has a national development plan that addresses the country’s primary needs and designs and implements an action plan to achieve continuous growth and competitiveness. Within the development plan, the Government is investing in: Mines and Energy – Infrastructure – Innovation – Agribusiness – Housing.