HTG Case • 9/11/21 13:00 – 14:45

B&S Group is always looking for opportunities to become bigger in all segments. In recent years, the b2c market in general has increased tremendously. This also brings opportunities for us. We already have a b2c platform in the form of Topdrinks. On this digital platform we sell spirits to the end consumer. So we are already active in the b2c market for one of our product groups, but we would like to find out whether we can also create a new platform. The assignment for you: come up with a subscription service for the b2c platform in Europe for one of our product groups (Liquors or Health&Beauty). It is important that you address what value we as a company offer to the end consumer, as there are also many different b2c platforms already in existence. Are they products or services (exclusive pre-orders, discounts)?  It is also important to know how the platform will be promoted. Take an example at Ryanair on Tiktok. They make are very simple and short videos that get a lot of views. Come up with ideas to promote the platform in the best way possible.

In order to get a good view of your idea, you will fill in the BMC Canvas, after which you will present the idea. The BMC canvas is a model that helps you to develop your idea into a complete business model.

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