PwC • Graduation Internship Assurance (all offices)

29 November 2022

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    Internship | Thesis

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    Accounting and Control

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Are you close to graduating and would you like to finish off your study programme at PwC? Then apply now and decide how many days a week you want to spend at our office. You will have access to all our information sources as well as our professionals’ expertise as you write your thesis or graduation paper. You will also have a chance to observe how we work on client assignments, allowing you to test your knowledge in the field and find out for yourself what it’s like to work at PwC.

Who are you?

You are talented, inquisitive ambitious and eager to show what you have to offer during your Graduation Internship in Accountancy.

  • You’re in the final phase of a university-level Accountancy programme.
  • You want to be a chartered accountant.
  • You are inquisitive and want to get acquainted with PwC’s culture.
  • You enjoy getting to know new people.
  • You see the Graduation Internship in Accountancy as a gateway to a job at PwC.

How does your work look like?

Your main activity will be to write your thesis or graduation paper. Do you have a good idea for a topic? Then let us know what it is. There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to put your ideas into practice at PwC.

Thanks to the open-minded culture of the group, you’ll get the support you need as you write your thesis, not only from your coach but also from the rest of your team of fellow interns and professionals. Other employees will be only too happy to help if you have questions or run into problems. Because you’ll be surrounded by professionals who work for many different clients, you will have the chance to test your knowledge, theories and conclusions in the field.

What do we offer?

  • A competitive internship allowance and PwC laptop
  • A coach to help you make your graduation internship a success
  • Sources of information
  • The opportunity to gain experience in auditing and to observe how we work on client assignments
  • The chance to get to know future colleagues and build relationships that will be useful to you in your future career
  • Informal activities, including social get-togethers, a Christmas gala, a skiing weekend and more
  • The opportunity to enrol in our associate traineeship programme, The Associate Academy!

Apply now!

We would like to receive the following documents as part of your application:

– Your CV

– A cover letter explaining why you are applying

If you have any questions, contact:

Esther Morren (Rotterdam)

Anil Kaplan (Breda, Maastricht, Eindhoven)

Rihaam Marraha (Groningen, Zwolle, Utrecht)

Eliane Stuijt (Amsterdam)