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ING • Operations & Change traineeship

Leadership and Change Management, Management Consulting

Delivering on ING’s Think Forward strategy

In October 2017 the International Talent Programme launched a new track: the Operations & Change track. ING introduced its Think Forward strategy in 2014. This signalled the start of a major transition from a traditional bank to an IT company with a banking licence. Needless to say, such a change doesn’t happen on its own. Talented employees with insight and dedication are required to design and implement the new organisational structure and processes as efficiently as possible. Trainees on the Operations & Change track help to think up, initiate and implement these changes. As a trainee within this track, you have a strategic role and provide input for the company’s future direction. However, the execution side of the role is just as important – ensuring that change actually happens and that teams are ‘on board’, so that processes can be implemented seamlessly.

Operations & Change makes a significant mark on the bank’s future and its success in delivering on its promise to ‘Think Forward’.

  • A changing bank in response to changing needs
  • The agile approach, just like at Spotify, Netflix and Google
  • Your profile
  • Countless challenges to tackle
  • Responsibility from day one
  • Your first year: projects at home and abroad
  • Your first ‘real’ job: continuing to grow
  • General and specialised training courses
  • Leadership skills and content-driven training
  • Challenging enough for you?
  • Apply online
  • Want to have an impact on the bank of the future? Find out during the Operations & Change traineeship


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A changing bank in response to changing needs

The financial sector has undergone a substantial transformation over recent years. Our complete industry and the world around us have both changed. Customers have different wants and needs than before and new competitors are emerging. Moreover, the advancements in the fields of digitisation, technology, product innovation and new ways of working are moving at lightning speed. As a company you need to adapt to those changes and preferably even stay ahead of them. We therefore need the right employees on board at ING – people who can devise, coordinate and implement processes and hence help us to achieve ING’s strategic objectives.

The agile approach, just like at Spotify, Netflix and Google

One of the major transformations for us as a bank has been the transition to ‘The ING Way of Working’. Since the summer of 2015 we’ve been largely working in line with ‘agile’ methodology. This is the same method used by companies like Spotify, Netflix and Google, in which teams of specialists from various disciplines are jointly responsible for a project from start to finish. This enables us to respond to customer needs much more rapidly. ING is the first bank to have embraced this way of working.

Your profile

If you have a master’s degree in Business Information Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, Change Management or Operations Management, this track could be ideal for you. Technical engineering or econometrics also provide a good foundation, as do many other master’s subjects. However, your business sense is probably even more important than your degree. You need an understanding of what drives people and organisations and must be keen to manage real changes. If you really want to test your analytical skills, are fascinated by digital innovation and aren’t afraid to put your perseverance and powers of persuasion to good use – because that’s all part of an organisational change process – then you’re already halfway there. And if on top of that you find it easy to get along with people from different cultures or backgrounds, are collaborative and can convince teams of the benefits of change, then you’ll have the time of your life during this traineeship.

Countless challenges to tackle

As an Operations & Change trainee you will spend a few months working in an agile environment, such as within a squad at ING in the Netherlands, a local change team or within a Customer Loyalty Team. As a Blackbelt you can tackle an endless variety of projects, including working at Model Bank, either in the Netherlands or abroad. Model Bank is one of ING’s major change programmes which involves us providing a single digital financial platform for use by 6 million customers in countries including France, Spain, Poland and Italy. Throughout the whole banking organisation, there are numerous transformation-related challenges for you to get your teeth into.

Responsibility from day one

As a trainee, you’ll be fully involved in the business from day one and you’re expected to quickly get to grips with the complex material. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how your analytical skills, customer focus, leadership capability and persuasiveness can help us to achieve real change within the bank. Whatever your assignment may be, we hand you plenty of responsibility right from the start.

Your first year: projects at home and abroad

Your personal Trainee Manager from HR will help you to decide on your first project, during which you will set to work on a concrete challenge within the domain Chief Operations Office (COO).

It’s up to you to arrange your second project. Now it’s a matter of making use of your network and your own initiative. Many trainees choose to go abroad for their second half-year, and that’s a particularly logical decision in case of the Operations & Change track, because of the international nature of the work. After all, the changes we’re involved in cannot be viewed separately from the international context of ING’s operations.

Your first ‘real’ job: continuing to grow

In your first ‘real’ job, which lasts approximately two years, you’ll enhance your knowledge and hone your skills. You can work on your further development within a specific area of the Chief Operations Office, as a business analyst, junior consultant, Blackbelt or Lead of a Customer Loyalty Team or other operational team, for example.

General and specialised training courses

All ING trainees participate in our global learning events. You learn about every aspect of core banking, such as the role of a bank, the bank balance sheet, bank funding, IT processes and risk management. Needless to say, these events also help you to develop your soft skills such as business partnering, stakeholder management and presentation techniques. Furthermore, we offer a broad spectrum of training opportunities that are aligned with your specific development needs. These include training sessions to support your personal growth and development of particular competencies as well as courses to help you develop as a business and banking professional. You decide which kind of training you need in consultation with your manager.

Leadership skills and content-driven training

The Operations & Change traineeship revolves around developing your leadership skills. Needless to say, there is also a lot of attention for work-related training, such as Scrum Agile and Black Belt and for courses on topics such as artificial intelligence, technology and data management. Further training courses on the agenda include an Introduction to Banking and Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1.

Challenging enough for you?

Does this outline of the Operations & Change traineeship sound challenging enough for you? Are you keen to set to work on important projects that have an impact on the organisation as a whole? Do you want to be involved in the very latest Operations & Change Management-related developments? And are you interested in the financial services sector, do you have an innovative take on organisational change and an unconditional drive to turn your ideas into reality? If so, apply today!

Apply online

Choose the Operations & Change traineeship at ING and allow your talent to flourish! Apply online for the vacancy of Operations & Change trainee and convince us of your potential. If you’re successful you’ll be invited to take an online test, which is step 2 of the selection procedure for the International Talent Programme.

You can find detailed information about the application and selection procedure here.

We can only accept complete applications. This means your CV and (provisional) transcripts of your bachelor or master grades. It’s not necessary to include upload a cover letter because you will be asked to answer questions about your motivation during the application process.

Want to have an impact on the bank of the future? Find out during the Operations & Change traineeship

During the four-year International Talent Programme you create your own career within the domain Chief Operations Office. You learn more about your chosen discipline, the financial services sector and yourself. Do you want to have an impact on not only the financial lives of our customers but also the bank of the future? Discover how you can today.