Thomas van Bentum • MSc Marketing

Name: Thomas van Bentum
Master: Marketing
Country of origin: Netherlands
Email address: [email protected]
Previous education: BSc Business Administration

My name is Thomas, I’m 26 years old, and I did the master’s in marketing at the VU.

For me it was an easy choice since I did my bachelors, and a minor in consumer behaviour here as well. For me Marketing is so appealing because of how tangible it is. You work on a science of how people think, look at commercials which you have seen, and talk about products that you know. During the master I learned about the other side of marketing, the intangible side. The larger strategies that drive campaigns, the psychology behind advertisements, and the data that drives modern decisions. It is this combination of hands on tangible cases you can work, and method orientated, abstract thinking which made marketing an easy choice for me.

If it’s not an easy choice for you, please reach out to me and we can discuss it more in depth what it means to do a Msc in Marketing. You can contact me via email ([email protected]) or Linkedin.