Thijme Pas • HR Officer

Main responsibilities:

  • Recruitment and selection of new committee members
  • Development of sustainable relationships with members
  • Personal/Professional coaching of Committee Members
  • Communication with BSc Coordinators
  • Selection of the board 2023-2024
  • Committee coordination: Bachelor Trip, External Events, Internal events, Introduction Committee, Selection Committee & CSR

Hi! I’m Thijme Pas and the HR Officer of the 74th board of Aureus. As HR Officer, I am responsible for the recruitment of you and your fellow students for all our committees, as well as helping all our members grow and develop during their time as students!

I started at Aureus in my first year of IBA with the Introduction Committee. This committee is responsible for creating the Introduction Days of the VU to ensure that new students have a great start of their studies. Unfortunately this event had to happen partly online due to COVID-19 but still we had a lot of fun planning and working on the event together with my friends from my committee. In my second year of my bachelor, I joined the Marketing Team of Aureus. This committee is responsible for assisting our Marketing Officer and helping to create all the promotion and marketing of the association. Even though COVID was still going on, I had a lot of fun with my fellow committee members and learned a great deal about marketing! In the third year I joined the CSR Committee, where we hosted some great events and I had a lot of fun, whilst also helping the entire association become more sustainable.

During my third year, I realised how much fun I had with my years at Aureus and how I did not want it to end. That is why I signed up for the board. I am very happy and excited to get this year started and hope to see you soon at any of our events!

Feel free to reach out for any questions regarding committees or the association and you can always contact me for a cup of coffee or tea!


[email protected]