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Welcome at Aureus and the Services Factory!

Did you find an Aureus Silver Ticket in your books this semester? Then you are in luck! As a finder of an Aureus Silver Ticket you can:

• Download free summaries on the Aureus Summaries Platform.
• Receive great discounts on all our Aureus Tutoring courses.
• Get a free introductory package on the Aureus E-Assessment Platform.
• Get great discounts on all your (study) books in the Aureus Bookstore.


Golden Ticket

Are you one of the lucky finders of an Aureus Golden Ticket? Congratulations! Not only can you enjoy all the great privileges of the Silver Ticket, but you will also receive a free Aureus Tutoring course of your choice! Make sure to stop by the Aureus rooms (HG 08A32) to claim your price, and do not forget to bring your Aureus Golden Ticket!

*Please note that your will have to become an Aureus member (for free) in order to claim your prices. Not a member yet? Make sure to join immediately here, it will take you only five minutes.