Welcome to Aureus Services!

Aureus provides educational and career services for students to support them in every step of their journey at VU. We want to make sure that our services support you in passing your exams as well as helping you to set the next step in your career. Become a member and make use of the following services!:

  • Aureus Assessment
    Are you in the application process for an internship, traineeship or job and do you want to practice an assessment? As a member of Aureus, you get a 15% discount on an assessment training offered by Hellotest!
  • Aureus Bookstore
    In the need of study books? At the VU Bookstore you will receive a 10 to 15% discount on your books if you are a member of Aureus.
  • Aureus Summaries Platform
    Get access to an online summary platform, where you are able to download an unlimited amount of summaries written by other students for free! Or upload your own summary and receive compensation!
  • Aureus CV and LinkedIn check
    Get access to an online platform, where you are able to get your cv and LinkedIn checked via the carrierebus!
  • Aureus & Sophistès Tutoring
    Aureus and Sophistès collaborate to provide you with the best tutoring courses for all Bachelor studies! All members of Aureus get a 15% discount on tutoring courses provided by Sophistès!
  • Aureus discount card
    Next to our educational & career services, as an Aureus member, you receive a discount card, with which you can get a discount at several restaurants, bars, and (online) stores!
  • Master Orientation Service
    Our master orientation service offers students the possibility to chat with current master students to find out which master suits them best.

*Please note that you will have to become an Aureus member (for free) in order to claim your prices. Not a member yet? Make sure to join immediately here, it will take you only five minutes.