Selection Committee 2021-2022

Azra Talic ● Career Officer 2018-2019

Hi there!

Quick introduction: My name is Azra and I was the Career Officer of the 70th Aureus Board. Currently I am working as a Procurement & Supply Chain Consultant at KPMG. I would love to tell you all about doing a board year if you are interested. I always explained it like being the board of a small company, with around 160 employees and several stakeholders such as different departments of the university, the students of the SBE, and several companies. Talk about responsibility! I believe it is a great opportunity to speed up your personal and professional development because you’re being put in a position of great responsibility. Once you will start your professional career, you will notice how much you have learned. Your board year will be challenging (and fun!) but if you can rise to the occasion you will have an unique opportunity to develop yourself.

Feel free to contact me on Linkedin if you want to maximize yourself, your board year or your application. 

Asmara Leysner ● HR Officer 2019-2020

Hi everyone! 

My name is Asmara, I’m 23 and I’m currently doing my masters in Organizational Psychology in Rotterdam. Before I moved there, I used to live in Amsterdam during my BSc IBA and my board year at Aureus. 

My position within the 71st board was that of HR officer. I was responsible for the recruitment and the selection of all the committee members and also their personal and professional development. I learned a lot during my board year especially about my personality, team style and interests. If I wouldn’t have done the board year I would’ve never made the switch to psychology; which I’m really happy with now. 

I can recommend a board year to anyone who is interested in having an amazing year full of fun memories and opportunities to grow. Whether you just don’t know what to do after your studies (BSc or MSc) or you already know really well and are just looking for a new challenge; doing a board year at Aureus is great for both!

I can imagine you might have so many questions. Please feel free to contact me via Whatsapp / LinkedIn Email and I’m more than happy to tell you all about my experiences and what you can expect. 

Until then, remember that the best memories are made when doing something new 🙂

Hope to speak to you soon!

Whatsapp: +31650610664

Valeriya Dovator ●  Officer 2009-2010

Hi all!

My name is Valeriya, originally from Moscow, studied at the VU and at the University of Notre Dame, currently living in idyllic Laren with my husband Niels and two kids Lev and Juliën.  In my free (of work and family management) time I am dancing salsa, have a harvest share (biological vegetables & fruits) and love to try out new recipes. 

After finishing my Finance Master, I have started my career as Consultant Valuation and Business Modelling at EY, then made a career switch by developing myself further as Consultant Finance & Risk at recruitment agency YER (headhunting HiPos up to 7 years of working experience). After that (already 5 years ago) have applied for the vacancy I was recruiting for at ING and got selected. Currently working as Vice President in TMT&H Finance Sector. Funny fact is that during my student life both EY as ING were main sponsor of Aureus (just cannot be a coincidence).

As Projects (Aureus 61st Board, 2009-2010), I was responsible for supervising various committees and overseeing & coordinating the overall Event Planning. What a fun year was that! Next to the fact that I still seeing my fellow board members, I have learned a lot about myself. E.g. about my working style & preferences, how I respond to challenges and handle uncertainties, about (complex & exciting) stakeholder management and how to incentivize & activate people around me. Especially in these “crazy” times I think such an experience will bring you an extra boost of energy and is a brilliant way to unlock your potential! If you are considering to take this step, but still doubting – I encourage you to contact me for a (digital) coffee!

Maikel de Bruin ● Network Officer 2017-2018

Hi everyone,

My name is Maikel, 27 years old and I have been the Network Officer of the 69th board of Aureus. A year full of fun, trips, meeting new people, meetings, challenges and of course hard working. Four years later do I still meet all of my former board members and have we grown to a very close group of friends. Right now I am working as a Customer Success Manager at a startup and everyday I experience what a board year has brought me.

Gaining a lot of experience in how to meet, communicate and negotiate with big companies. Keeping your head cool and making sure everything works out fine while the whole association is on fire. Those experience will definitely help you in the things you will do after the board year.

Are you not sure whether a board year fits you, do you have some questions about how a year will look like or do you want to know more about the things you will develop? Get in contact with me and we will schedule a (online) cup of coffee.

See you soon!

Whatsapp: +31648854609

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Chris Halkema • Chairman 2021-2022

Hi everyone!

My name is Chris and I am the Chairman of the 73rd Board of Aureus. I joined Aureus in the first year of my bachelor Business Administration, mainly to expand my social network, develop myself and have a lot of fun. After completing my Bachelor, I wanted to gain some practical experience as this was minimal during my studies. In the end, I chose to do a board year and it is already more valuable than I ever expected. 

The past few months were so fun and challenging! Together with my fellow board members I am responsible for leading one of the biggest study associations of the Netherlands. We organize lots of events, meet a lot of new people and are forced to use our knowledge and creativity to perform our daily tasks, especially during these challenging times. 

A board year provides you with friends for life, a great network, a lot of professional experience and most importantly, a lot of fun. Please contact me via LinkedIn for any questions you have!

Ellemijn Dijkema ● HR Officer 2021-2022

Hi there!

My name is Ellemijn and in the year of 2021-2022 I am the HR Officer and Secretary of the 73rd board of Aureus. Last June, I graduated in the bachelor Business Administration. I already have a long history within Aureus, since I started in September 2018 with the Introduction Committee. I joined Aureus to meet a lot of nice and fun people and develop myself in a personal and professional way. 

Because of all the setbacks due to COVID-19, I noticed that I wasn’t ready to leave Aureus yet. I talked to some previous board members and realized that doing a board year is the right blend of prolonging your student life for a little while, while still challenging yourself and actually doing something valuable. At this moment I am really glad that I decided to apply for a board year. I have already learned more than I would have thought I would. In the meantime I also made a lot of great and close friends.

I would recommend everyone to do a board year. If you have any questions, doubts or need help with your application, feel free to contact me through LinkedIn or email ([email protected]). I am always open to drink a cup of tea with you and tell you all about it.