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Sandy toes & a sun kissed nose: Summer Must-Do’s

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For many of us the final week of this study year has arrived. That means that, besides from some work here and there, you have two months off. You are probably already day dreaming about what you are going to do with all that free time. While we don’t want to keep you from meeting your final deadlines, here are a few tips on how to make the best of your summer by exploring and seeking adventure in our own lovely country.

We have summed up our favourite beach clubs, cocktail bar, festivals, swim spots, and places to visit beyond Amsterdam, especially for you! So, there we go:

1. Let’s go to the beach, beach, let’s go get away

Relaxing on the beach is obviously a must-do during summer. However, what is a day at the beach without a visit to a beach club?

If you’re into hip and cool beach clubs, you should check out Ubuntu and Hippie Fish. They have great food for all tastes; from risotto, to burgers and more. These trendy beach clubs are located at Zandvoort aan zee, which is only one train ride away from Amsterdam Central.

But if you want to avoid all the tourism and the chance of walking into anyone you know, you should check out Thalassa. This is a more traditional beach club, which has the best seafood!

And last but not least, for the party people among us! Check out the legendary parties at Woodstock 69. They are known for throwing the best beach parties around! This bohemian-vibe beach club is located in Bloemendaal aan zee.

Ubuntu and Woodstock 69

2. Cocktail paradise

Besides the fact that cocktails are very delicious, the pretty thing about them is that there is one for every mood or occasion. So, we want to share a nice place to go where you can also fall in love with the nice taste of a cocktail and the whole experience of drinking these great beauties.

Tales and Spirits is the place to go when you want not just a high qualitative cocktail, but a whole experience! It is not a fancy place where you should wear a suit and high heels, but it is accessible for everyone. The experienced and entertaining bartenders can make around thirty-five spirits, which all have their own story and served in vintage glassware. The price range is from €8,50 – €15, with some exception. You can find this great cocktail bar at Lijnbaanssteeg 5-7 in Amsterdam. What are you waiting for?

Tales and Spirits Amsterdam

3. Good vibes only

Festivals are always a good idea. The people are happy, there’s something special about the atmosphere and there is no better combination then music and food. Here a list of three totally different festivals, which will take place in and around Amsterdam this summer.

The foodlover

TREK is the place to be for the foodies among us. This free food festival travels through nine different Dutch cities with all of its lovely food trucks. This festival has something for everyone: from insects, to burgers, to Surinamese food. Getting hungry?

When: 14-16th of July

Where: Amstelpark, Amsterdam

(check to find out about the other locations and dates)

The dancing queens (and kings)

Dance Valley is one of the best-known dance festivals in the Netherlands. With nine stages varying from deep house to hard style to urban, there’s something for every type of music lover. The last tickets are now on sale, so be quick or make sure to check Ticketswap once in a while!

When: 12th of August

Where: Spaarnwoude

Art addicts

De Parade is a festival traveling through the Netherlands, just like TREK. But besides food, this festival is all about performances. Sixty different theater, dance, mime and music shows will be performed. Besides that, there will be multiple food trucks to eat your heart out. Nothing better than some open air entertainment, right?

When: 11-27th of August

Where: Marthin Luther Kingpark, Amsterdam

TREK and Dance Valley

4. Swim your heart out

If you only have time for one simple dive in the water, the Amstel is always a good idea. Get a spot on the quay and jump in the water on a sunny day or after a warm night of partying. Tip: at some places they have little steps, where you can easily climb in and out of the water (for the less adventurous people around us). For example, near the Dutch National Opera and Ballet performance theater you will find a nice pier including steps.

Does a nice day of relaxing with a book and a bottle of wine sound good to you? Go to De Nieuwe Meer and enjoy the beautiful beaches. De Nieuwe Meer is connected with the Ringvaart, so both clean and refreshing water assured!

Or do you want to go for clean water, with a good dose of chlorine? Go visit the Sportplaza Mercator Pool! This is a beautiful situated pool, with grass and a lot of trees around it. Just a few minutes away from the city centre, and you have the feeling that Amsterdam is far faaar away.

Sportplaza Mercator Pool

5. Beyond Amsterdam

While Amsterdam has stolen many of our hearts, the Netherlands has many more unique places to discover (yes, really). Buy a cheap train ticket or take the car and make small road trip with some friends to explore the following places:

And way down we go, go, go, go, go tooo Maastricht. Close to the Belgian and German border, this city is nearing the southernmost tip of the Netherlands. People in Maastricht are known for their Burgundian lifestyle, so if you are into extensive dinners with big portions; this is the place to be! Furthermore, stroll through the trendy and vintage area called Wyck, where you will find many nice boutiques and concept stores. And end the day at one of the many nice cafés at the famous Vrijthof.

Escape city life and go into the wild to the Waddengebied, Veluwe, or National Park Hollandse Duinen. After a year of only seeing  books and bars, it is time to get back to our roots and into nature. These places were named the top three most beautiful national parks of the Netherlands, so definitely worth a visit! Spot seals and swallows at the Waddengebied, discover the national reserves at the Veluwe, and explore the coastal landscape at the National Park Hollandse Duinen. So what are you waiting for? Go spot those Planet Earth scenes in real-life!

6. No place like home

If you have two months off, spending a few days lying in bed is definitely allowed. But have you already seen all episodes of your favourite shows, then go read our best read blog posts of the year! Already find out where you can find the best study spots around the city for next study year here, read about the dangers of burnouts among students here, or get to know one of our many famous Meet the Campus heroes, such as Spar manager Marvin and Jo from Initium.

We hope you enjoyed our blog posts this year, and we will see you back in September! Don’t forget to have an amazing summer time, and of course a great tan line!


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