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Perks of being a committee member

- Aureus

Aureus is one of the biggest and most active study associations. As you might know we offer tons of activities and opportunities. In order to provide all these services we work with different committees that all work on one specific part of Aureus. Think about the bachelor/master clubs, the Amsterdam Career Days and many more. It is possible for you to join one of our committees! Now you might wonder “what’s in it for me?”. In this blog we will explain all the perks that come with being a committee member at Aureus

Exclusive events

Once a month Aureus organizes drinks where everyone has a lot of fun and where people from all our committees can get to know each other. Sounds fun? Then you should join a committee, as these drinks are only accessible when you are a committee member. Furthermore we organize events such as the crazy 88, where you go into the city with your committee and complete all sorts of challenges to win a prize.

Networking/making friends

These drinks and events are a great way to meet new people; which brings me to my second point: you will expand your network. All the people you meet will eventually get a job. There is a big chance that they will work in different sectors. This means that you will develop a big and diverse network during your time as a committee member. Other than that, chances are that you will become friends for life with some of the people you’re going to meet. 

Personal development

Aside from all the fun extras you get, you will also get to know yourself better and work on your own skills. We work with different kinds of committees, so it’s easy to pick a committee that suits your needs. Do you want to develop your organizing skills? Join a committee where you have to organize events. Do you want to develop your marketing skills? Join the marketing committee. In the committees we work with different roles like chairman, secretary, etc., this will help you  focus on even more specific skills like time management or planning

A kick-ass CV

Because you develop all these skills, you can add your role within your committee to your CV. Recruiters and employers love it when job applicants already have some kind of experience. So think about the head start you will have when you will start applying for a job after your studies!

Are you interested in joining a committee? Check out the available committees here. Application for joining a committee will open on the 19th of May so stay tuned! Still not convinced? Read about the experience of a former board member here