Paul Engelbert • MSc Strategy & Organization

Name: Paul Engelbert
Master: Strategy & Organization
Age: 24
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Email adress:  [email protected]
Previous Education: BSc Bedrijfskunde

Hi everyone, My name is Paul and I am 24 years old. In 2016 i’ve started my bachelors in Business Administration. After three interesting years I decided to enroll myself for the follow up master Strategy and Organisation. The SBE organized a very nice option where you can easily flow from your bachelors to your masters. You’ll meet the many of the same students and teachers which gives you a very familiar feeling. I combined my Master Strategy and Organisation with setting up a business. The combination of practical and theoretical experience is a one I would strongly recommend. If you have any questions regarding the master, setting up a business or the VU in general, don’t hesitate to contact me!