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Our favorite student discount platforms!

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When living as a student in Amsterdam, life can get very expensive. And since we as students live on a budget, discounts can be life-savers. There are multiple websites and apps that can offer some help, so we have created a list of our favorites!

Aureus Discounts

The Aureus Discount Card offers many different discounts at different facilities. A few examples are Sophistès tutoring, ShareNow, restaurant SLA, and Lovers canal cruises. The Aureus Discount Card is available for all Aureus members, bachelor students as well as master students. After becoming a member of Aureus, personal discount codes will be visible on the website when logged in. New discounts are being added regularly, so stay tuned!

International Student Identity Card
Another interesting student discount card is the International Student Identity Card, also known as ISIC. This discount card costs only 12 euros a year, and offers discounts globally, not only in the Netherlands. It is possible to order a physical card, as well as an online-card. This card is a better option for international students or students who like to travel, because it offers many travel-related discounts like discounts on flights or rental cars.


Studentenkorting.nl is a free Dutch website offering many deals in all categories, from clothing to electronics. Even though the website is Dutch, it is easy to navigate. A nice facility of Studentenkorting.nl is that it not only shows online discounts, but also shows you where you can use discounts in-store.


Knaek is a unique discount website because it was founded by students. This discount website offers mostly food discounts, but also retail and other products. It is easy to use website, but the app is even better. After signing up and creating a Knaek-ID, the offers become available for 1 year. 


Lastly, StudentBeans is an excellent free website all students can use. But what makes it so easy? You sign up using your student ID from university! StudentBeans offers a large variety of discounts in all categories. Money off for a trip to London? No problem! Discount at  H&M? Yes please!

Hopefully your student life on a budget in the Netherlands will become a bit easier now. If you’re interested in nice spots for drinks and snacks to go, check out our previous blog here!