Mohammad Javad Baghizadeh • MSc Accounting & Control

Master: Accounting & Control
Age: 27
Country of origin: Iran
Email address: [email protected]
Previous Education: Bachelor

Frugality and saving have always been common traits in my country, and the people around me have always meticulously assessed their financial situation. This made me eager to understand the complexities of the accountings. Watching financial news and capital market analysis on CNBC, or reading in-depth analyses on Bloomberg were the part of the day that uplifted me the most. All this shaped my desire to study and work in my country’s financial Industry, with the dream of one day working in a major financial center in an advanced country.

Walking into my academic journey, I received admission in Accounting from Islamic Azad University Tehran North Branch. During my undergraduate years, my interest in finance and economy was only partially covered with courses such as economics, public finance and governments financial strategy, cost accounting and financial management.
To quench my thirst, I delved deeply into the microstructures of the companies, trying to understand how the performance of accounting is bound to the well-being of the financial situations of companies.

Therefore, I decided to work for companies during my studying, so I had regular visits to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, Audit Organization ( The sole Center for Compilation of Accounting Standards of Iran). There I was part of a team auditing the financial statements of Iran Minerals Production And Supply Company (IMPASCO), Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI). Besides working as an auditor I had part-time job at Nikan Communication Company

Upon my graduation, I was excused from doing my compulsory military service. Quickly after that Farvari Pouya Zarkan Aq Darre (FPZA) hired me. First, I held a position in the treasury section, Focusing on Control Bank transactions and recording them in financial accounts and preparing financial reports about the cash flow of the company for managers and shareholders while understanding and assessing the other concepts of accounting by engaging with other departments and financial practitioners.

After about two years, I decided to gain new experience. After two stages of expert and psychological interviews, The Coomar Construction Company, a top-ranking Iranian construction company hired me. Immediately after hiring, because of my preparing cash flow report background, I transferred to the Preparation of the budget and management reports section, the heart of making the important decision for the company.

After about a year, I pass the entrance exam among more than a thousand
participants and received a position in Hamyari Kowsar Company, a Subsidiary of Melli Bank, The Biggest Iranian bank.

My valuable industry and academia experience heightened my awareness of the world of finance, answering my fundamental questions and ambiguities. Nevertheless, many areas in my mind remain unanswered. Being among the top ten giant economies and home to the ninth biggest stock market in the world, Canada became my top choice to follow my dreams. I knew that time has come for me to walk into an advanced academic environment, where not only I can follow my research and learning ambition, but also involve in state-of-the-art innovations.