Julia Kuijs • MSc Finance & Technology

Name: Julia Kuijs
Master: Finance & Technology
Age: 22
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Email address: [email protected]
Previous education: Business Administration

Hi all!

I am currently living in Amsterdam and I was looking for a middle way between data science and the business side (the side of my bachelor). The VU offers a relative new challenging program which provides the best of both worlds. You start with a group of motivated students (plusminus 35) and discuss relevant topics in the field. Even though we have online lessons, we have a lot of conversations and interaction. I like the practical aspect, for example for several courses you build tools that are ready to be implemented in the real businesses. You often work together with these companies and have several business meetings. In the second semester you get freedom to choose elective courses. This is a great opportunity to take a few more courses in your field of interest before you enter the job market.