2020 • Jamaica

Introduction • What is GDP?

In the upcoming weeks, the Graduates Development Program will post multiple blogs and give updates about their events. You might wonder, what is GDP and who are they? Hereby, a short introduction blog that explains what GDP is and who we are. The Graduates Development Program (GDP) is a charity project by Aureus formed by fifteen third […]

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GDP – Impact of Coronavirus on this year’s Graduates Development Program

As the coronavirus pandemic reaches all corners of the world, the near future becomes increasingly unclear. With quarantine restrictions and other regulations in place to keep the virus from spreading too fast, their impact on all future plans and activities is massive. In our case, these precautionary measures and regulations have a large impact on […]

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Let’s go to Katjeskelder

On the 4th of March, our young Graduates Development team went on their very first functional weekend in Breda. After weeks of meetings at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, this was the first time we would meet in a new setting. Within this weekend we got the chance to work on the brainstorm and develop our […]

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GDP • Events Announcement

Aureus GDP drink at Woody’s • April 8th One of the monthly Aureus committee drinks will be dedicated to the GDP. All friends, family, colleagues and everyone else who wants to support our cause or just wants to have a fun night is welcome. GDP Benefit Gala • April 24th The Benefit Event is the […]

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