Welcome to the Graduates Development Program 2020!

Since 2013, the Graduates Development Program has offered a group of 15 students from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam the possibility to go on a volunteering trip in developing countries to share their knowledge with local entrepreneurs. The aim of this program is to help these entrepreneurs grow their business by improving their business plans and knowledge. Thereby we have contributed to the development of local communities and long-term success of local businesses. During this program, we will work closely with a local partner to ensure continuity and to meet the demands of the local community.

Together with our local partner, we will improve the economic situation of local entrepreneurs and their surroundings through knowledge sharing such as improvement of business plans or possible investments. Our local partner will provide us with placements, where we will work with the local entrepreneurs in small groups of 3 students. Last year, the GDP team went to Uganda to help local entrepreneurs which were a great success! This year, the GDP committee decided on a new project and location which will be revealed soon…

The Graduates Development Program 2020!

Destination: Jamaica


The GDP starts in February with a period of acquisition, fundraising and research for the project. After this period we will travel to the developing country for three weeks at the end of July.


A group of 15 highly ambitious business students from the School of Business and Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


Do you have more questions, contact us at graduates@aureus-vu.nl