From Aureus to PwC

Dear reader,

Let me introduce myself. I’m Jordy and in 2020 I graduated from my Bachelor Business Administration and in 2021 from my Master in Accounting and Control. During my studies I was a member of Aureus, and in my last year I was a part of the Masterclub. I now work at PwC as an audit assistant.

I first got in contact with PwC during the Master Introduction Day. PwC is the main sponsor of Aureus and they gave a presentation during this day. They told me what the audit profession entails and they have told me what PwC is, what they stand for and they gave me a case to work on. Later on I did an internship at PwC. What struck me compared to the rest of the Accountancy firms in the Netherlands, is that PwC has a much more significant social aspect. There are many drinks and the people there are very open. In addition to being my colleagues, I also consider them as friends. Another reason why I liked PwC was because of The Associate Academy.

When starting out as a junior Accountant at PwC, you join The Associate Academy. This was actually the reason why I choose PwC. Every firm has its own way of training its newcomers, but PwC has its own twist. You will receive two years of training (Monday to Thursday). Meaning you have two years to discover Accountancy as a profession.

During these two years, you will discover and then decide what you want to do within PwC. You actually get an extra two years to see what you like best. It is very diverse, you go to the office and get to visit customers. For example, one week you are at the office and another week you visit a hospital on the cient’s location. In addition, you switch teams on every project. That is what really appeals to me, you see a lot of things that you normally would not be allowed to see. For example, I am now at Rabobank, then you get to see things that only directors and management normally experience.

One last tip I have for other students, is to orient yourself well. Have an active attitude and visit for example inhousedays and other career events to get in touch with companies and to see what it would be like to work there. You could for example join the business course that PwC offers. During this course you go away for a week and work on a case during the days and get to know the team during the evenings!

So, take my advice, check out the thesis internship and join inhouse days, you will learn a lot more by experiencing it first hand. And don’t forget to become an active member at Aureus, it can really help you out in the long run!

Jordy Twisk