Florianne van Hees • MSc Leadership & Change management

Master: Leadership & change management
Age: 23
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Email address: [email protected]
Previous education: Economics & Business Economics

Hi, I’m Florianne!

I’m a master student Leadership & Change Management. I chose this study as I wanted to focus more on the human side of organizations in stead of the financial side of organizations. LCM is a very multidisciplinary study which I love! Some of the diverse topics LCM focuses on are leadership, individual and organizational behavior, but also on how to become a highly inspirational speaker. It really combines practical skills with the academical field!

I’m currently doing an internship at &samhoud, a consultancy firm specialized in organizational- and behavioral change. I’m highly enthusiast about this, especially as I see that the knowledge gained through this master is really applicable in the real world.
Feel free to contact me, I’d love to answer all your questions 😊