SBE Premasterday 2018

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Dear Premaster student,

Welcome to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam!

After the premaster morning program organized by the Vrije Universiteit on February 2nd, we as your Study Association of the School of Business and Economics are organizing the afternoon program. At 13:45 PM we will head to the city center of Amsterdam, where you will get the opportunity to meet with your fellow students and enjoy an eventful afternoon. We will also have dinner together, after which we will show you one of the habitual hounds of Aureus’ nightlife in Amsterdam!

Please sign up on this page, the costs are only €17.80 including the dinner and multiple activities in Amsterdam. See you on February 2nd!

In order to sign up for this event, you have to become a member of Study Association Aureus. However, it’s entirely free and you will receive many more benefits such as discounts on all of your study books and free access to our events & services! Become a member by clicking the button below and don’t forget to sign up for the Premasterday afterwards.

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