Informal Master Event MC FEA x KPMG

21 May 2024

  • When

    21 May 2024

  • Time

    16:00 - 18:00

  • Where

    Limon, Gustav Mahlerplein 222, 1082 MA Amsterdam

  • Who

    All Finance (and related tracks such as f.e. FM and Honors), Accounting and Economics Master students

Dear Finance, Accounting and Economics Master Students,

If you have a keen interest in audit or consulting 🤓👔 or just want to make new friends in the industry 🤝, you don’t want to miss out this event! 🥂🍻 On Tuesday May 21st the FEA Masterclub will host an informal get together at Restaurant Limon on the Zuidas from 16:00 onwards 🙂 At Limon we will arrange some delicious drinks and snacks for you.

The event is not meant to be a stuffy corporate presentation, instead we hope participants are able to connect on other levels than purely work, we aim to foster new connections and friendships. To this extent the event will have a welcoming, informal atmosphere.

Yet, for the people from KPMG it is obviously important that participating students have explicit interest in their business. Namely, KPMG will send recruiters as well as practitioners to chat with. The event will be on a sign-up basis and has 25 spots available. Please be quick because we will assign places on a first come first serve basis. May you decide to sign-up, you will want to make sure to attend the event. Details of no shows will be shared with KPMG.

Mark your schedules for the 7th of may at 12:00 as the event signup will open then! Once more, if you are interested in KPMG and want to make some new friends you do not want to miss out! Selection is based on first come first serve!

Warm regards,

Masterclub FEA💛

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