Bachelor Trip EBE 2019

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What: Bachelor Trip EBE
Where: Brussels, Belgium
When: 10-12 May 2019
Price: €99,-
Application Deadline: 17 March 2019

The annual EBE Weekend Trip is coming closer and this time we will explore Brussels! The Business Trip offers an awesome weekend full of exciting activities. This goes from visiting a company to eating waffles while strolling through the city, and we will of course end the days in the nightlife of Brussels with Belgium beers. So to all the EBE Bachelors students, sign up now!

We have organized an exciting weekend for any Bachelor EBE student in May this year! We will leave on May 10th and come back on May 12th in the afternoon. This means you will have three days to enjoy the capital of Belgium with your fellow students. On the first day we will visit a company and at night we will party in Aureus style. The following days we have planned many activities in which we can get to know the city and each other. In addition, we will of course explore the nightlife even further on Saturday night!

The price, which is €99,-, includes accommodation, transportation to Brussels ,organized activities and the an organized visit trip to a company. When joining this trip to Brussels, you will have the opportunity to participate in an official visit to a large company in Brussels!

If you’re interested, do not wait any longer and sign up for the weekend trip!