Bachelor Trip BK

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What: Bachelor Trip BK
Where: Amsterdam & Leiden
When: 16th and 17th April
Who: All bachelor BK students
Application deadline: 9th of April
Price: €20

This year we cannot cross the borders with Aureus, so we are going on a trip in our own country. In the Netherlands, we will visit the beautiful Amsterdam and Leiden! Two cities with a combined population of almost a million, a rich history that goes back a long way and, moreover, both student cities. Clearly cities with a story, and beautiful buildings such as the Rijksmuseum, the Leiden town hall and the Waag. 

We organized their bachelor trip in Amsterdam and Leiden. We organized a company workshop by the Hospitalist. Next to that you will meet your fellow students outside of school, with fun activities like a city walk🍻, driving on Vespa Scooters and a boat tour.🛵 

Everything is arranged by us, including food. We only ask for a personal contribution of 25 euros.

 In short: Lots of fun activities, a large group of people and business related, so register quickly because places are limited! First come, first serve!