Aureus Academy #5 • Personal Branding training • Study Association Aureus

Aureus Academy #5 • Personal Branding training

February 13, 2018 - 13:30 - 15:00


Aureus Academy • Personal Branding training by Young Capital

Are you ready to develop your professional skills and learn from the experts in the field? Then sign up for the Aureus Academy! Experienced employees from leading companies will help you develop your professional skills. The training sessions are for free and limited places are available.

Topic: Learn how to distinguish yourself with Personal Branding
When: February 13th, 2018
Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Where: Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
Application deadline: 12th of February, 17:00
Costs: Free, limited spots available
Language: English

The next training of the Aureus Academy is the Personal Branding training organised in co-operation with Young Capital. This training will take place on the 13th of February at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. During this training, you will learn to recognize your talents & strengths, and receive tips & tricks on how to use them to distinguish yourself from the crowd. You will work on a better personal image so it will be easier for you to find the right job.

How to stand out from the crowd when you start applying for a job opportunity? And, are you aware of your (online) presentation during this process?
Nowadays these questions are relevant for making a killer first impression before and during an application procedure. In this training we’ll introduce you to the basics of LinkedIn, the importance of your (online) presentation and your personal brand. Are you ready to conquer the labour market?!

Then apply now for this training and be one step ahead of the rest.

About Personal Branding
Nowadays it is important to really know yourself and find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Though, it is even more important to be able to use these traits to improve yourself. By developing the skills of personal branding, you could optimize your capabilities and finding out who you are. By using personal branding skills, a person can establish a good reputation and confident appearance. Next to that a person will be able to leave a good impression, and so impress future employers.

About Young Capital
YoungCapital believes in the power of young talent. With the fast pace of digitalisation, you, as young professional, are more important than ever before. Young Professionals seek out innovation, create new ways of communicating, of collaborating and of solving problems. We think in terms of opportunity, growth and change. And in terms of speed. We are digital natives, and life without 24/7 connectivity is something totally alien to us. Perhaps most importantly though, we love what we do. That’s what makes the difference!

On February 13th, 2018, they will give the following training:
Personal Branding training (English) | Time: 13:30 P.M. – 15:00 P.M.

The application deadline is February 12th at 17.00 hours.
This training is open for all 3rd year Bachelor and Master students of the SBE.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate and contact us

See you at the Aureus Academy!