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Van Lanschot Kempen

So far, we have accumulated nearly four centuries of exceptional dedication and financial craftsmanship for the benefit of our clients’ progress. Our clients are VIPs to us. They are good people who know their business. As wealth managers, our purpose in life is to contribute to the achievement of our clients’ commercial, personal, and social goals. Our strength lies in the three strong and robust brands we can rely on: Van Lanschot, Evi, and Kempen, and the wide array of expertise and experience we have in our core activities.

  • Address
    Beethovenstraat 300 1077 WZ Amsterdam
  • 1758 employees
  • 37 offices
  • 61/39 male/female ratio

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Anniek Braat
Anniek Braat Campus Recruiter
Marie Louise Thijssen
Marie Louise Thijssen Graduate Recruiter