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The Peaks app is the easiest way to set money aside and start investing. Peaks was created in 2016 with the goal of making it possible for anybody to invest and attain financial freedom. Not just those who follow the stock market and read The Financial Times. We believe that everyone with a bank account, a little money and some patience, can start investing.

At Peaks you can invest as little as €1. And to make setting money aside as easy and effortless as possible, you can even invest the spare change from your bank transactions. So if you buy groceries for €9.20, you automatically set aside €0.80, which we deposit into your investment account. In time, these small and regular amounts build into a sizeable investment. Giving you the opportunity to attain financial independence while barely lifting a finger.

Investing can be complicated, but not at Peaks. We take achieving a sustainable future seriously, so at Peaks you can only invest in sustainable ETFs. You only invest in the most sustainable companies in their industry and never invest in harmful industries, such as the weapons, coal mining or tobacco industry.

Do you care about sustainable investing and helping people achieve financial freedom? And do you want to help scale up an innovative investment app, together with 60 talented and ambitious colleagues? Send us an email at and let us know!


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    Schipluidenlaan 4, 41062 HE Amsterdam
  • 65 employees
  • 1 offices
  • 60/40 male/female ratio

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Sharonna Veenhof
Sharonna Veenhof Recruiter / Manager Customer Care