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Graduates Development Program

The Graduates Development Program (GDP)

The Graduates Development Program is developed for Dutch and international graduate students who are motivated to invest time, knowledge and expertise in order to bridge the gap between private companies, NGO’s and the academic world while aiming to achieve poverty reduction.  GDP aspires to render development aid with the ultimate goal of poverty reduction by providing academic and/or pragmatic solutions to social-economic issues. The program contains academic research concerning the underlying factors of microcredit defaults and/or consultancy regarding business models of high potential social entrepreneurs in developing countries.

During the program, a selected and highly motivated group of 15 students will conduct desk research in preparation for three weeks of field research abroad, which will take place in July. The destination will be revealed approximately early January.

The program provides students with a chance to develop themselves, to cooperate with NGO’s and entrepreneurs in a developing country and to contribute to achieving poverty reduction. The journey will be an unforgettable lifetime experience in a different (business) culture.

What do I learn as a committee member?

As a member of the GDP committee, you are together with your committee members responsible for organizing the entire program. From selecting an appropriate developing country, finding partners, (logistically) planning the trip and controlling the budget; to ensuring a valuable research report and/or pragmatic solutions on which local entrepreneurs can base long-term strategic decisions. In here you will gain organizing and international experience. Besides, you learn how to lead a group of people during the trip.

Pillar: Academic + Social
Workload: 12-16 hours per week
Time: October – July

What do I learn as a GDP participant?

As a participant, you will apply your acquired business knowledge and share your skills with local entrepreneurs to take their small businesses to the next level. You will raise money by organizing several fundraising events, such as a benefit gala or football tournament. Besides, you will learn how to work together with 14 other students, you will broaden your horizon and discover another culture and you will have a unique experience for three weeks abroad.

Please note that the application procedure for the participants is done by the committee. This means that the Aureus board is not involved in this.