Master Club Marketing

  • Pillar: Social + Career
  • Workload: 3-5 hours per week
  • Time: October – June

The Master Club Marketing is a committee for motivated and enthusiastic master students to do something extra besides their Master Marketing. The committee consists of three till four students. You will have weekly meetings together. In this way you become very close with your fellow master students and you get to know each other very well. 

Currently, we are organizing training programs for the practical side of digital marketing such as machine learning. We are also planning to organize an e-house day with a company. Besides that, we like to organize social events such as dinner and drinks for all students of the marketing master.

The added value of the Master club Marketing is that you get in close contact with several companies in the marketing field. This will lead to a lot of network opportunities. You will meet new inspiring people within your Master, but also within Aureus. To summarize, the Master Club Marketing is the perfect committee to do besides your Marketing Master.

What do I learn as a committee member?

As a member of the Master Club you learn various skills: how to connect students with each other and with potential employers, how to organize activities, communicating professionaly and how to work in a team. This will be done by organizing different social and career related events. Put your networking skills into practice by being the contact person for students, for professors and for employers. You will gain organizing and communication skills by doing for example acquisition and promotion. Besides this is a great opportunity to get to know all the master students of your study and therefore broaden your network socially and professionally. Lastly, you will work closely together in a team of 4 fellow students.