World Wide Committee

  • Pillar: Social & Academic
  • Workload: 3-5 hours per week
  • Time: October – June

The World Wide Committee is responsible for organizing several different kinds of events, to be attractive for all the students of the SBE. The members share individual tasks and team assignments for all the steps towards successful events. Hereby you can think of the acquisition of companies / locations, promoting the event, handling all the applications and many more.

The committee is there for international and Dutch students that are interested in learning from and about different nationalities and cultures. The committee’s main aim is to support new members with a buddy program and organize social and career-related activities, which are related to creating integration between international and Dutch students/cultures. The end goal is to improve the inclusion of all students in the Aureus community.

What does the committee learn?

In this committee, you will learn to work in a diverse team consisting of Dutch and International students from all over the world. Within this team, you will take up one of several possible functions which help you develop your personal skills as well as your intercultural communication. You will gain organizational and practical experience as well as the possibility to meet your future study friends. This committee combines social and academic activities to give you the best of both worlds!