Aureus Development Program

  • Pillar: Academic + Social
  • Workload: 8-10 hours per week
  • Time: October – July

The goal of this committee is to broaden students’ horizons while assisting a non-profit organization active in a developing country with specific social and economic challenges they encounter.The project collaborates with non-profit organizations to address issues that affect communities and the environment. 

Committee members of this committee will have the opportunity to participate in the lifecycle of a project, from collaborating with an NGO about difficult problems in a developing country, to obtaining funding and conducting hands-on research that will culminate in an extended report.

What do I learn as a committee member?

As a member of the ADP committee, you are together with your committee members responsible for organizing the entire program. From selecting an appropriate developing country, finding partners, (logistically) planning the trip and controlling the budget; to ensuring a valuable research report and/or pragmatic solutions on which local entrepreneurs can base long-term strategic decisions. In here you will gain organizing and international experience.