Amsterdam Research Project

  • Pillar: Academic
  • Workload: 16-20 hours per week
  • Time: May 2021 – June 2022

The Amsterdam Research Project is an elite, international research project that is organized and coordinated by students and professors of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam School of Business and Economics & Study Association Aureus. The ARP committee consists of five committee members from Aureus. Their task is to coordinate the entire project and select the participants good enough to be part of the consulting team. Together with ± 15 selected SBE Master students, who all have their own specialization, they conduct research for well-known international companies. 

This project offers both SME’s and multinationals the opportunity to conduct tailor-made research in a foreign country performed by a group of highly-skilled students. Previous projects have successfully delivered over 100 projects in more than 15 countries, such as Brazil, China, Vietnam, South-Africa and Colombia.  For more information about previous and current projects, please visit

What do I learn as an ARP committee member?

During the project, you will learn how to logistically organise a research project abroad as well as how to lead a team of 20 students. Next to that, you will acquire a consultancy assignment appointed by companies. This is followed by desk research in preparation for the five weeks of field research. The end result is a consultancy report that provides well-funded answers and recommendations to the research question. During this process, you will be supervised by two professors of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam with specialized market knowledge and experience. The Amsterdam Research Project is a perfect opportunity to develop yourself in a variety of ways!

What does my year look like? 

  • Mar – Apr: Transfer with the previous committee
  • Apr – Jun: Research previous projects & possible locations
  • Jun – Aug: Researching
  • Aug – Sep: Recruit participants
  • Sep – Jan: Acquire research assignments
  • Feb – Mar: Desk research
  • April: 5 weeks of field research abroad
  • May – Jun: Writing a consultancy report

What are our requirements?

  • You are an SBE Master student at the VU
  • You are available for 12-15 hours a week
  • You are not afraid to make phone calls to companies
  • But most important… you are fun!

Interested in this committee? How do you apply?

  • Click the button below, fill in the webform and don’t forget to attach your motivation letter (e.g. why you? why ARP?)
  • After you have applied, we will invite you for an interview lasting approximately 1 hour. During this interview, we will focus on your general motivation

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or contact our HR Officer Tim

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