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Get your motivation back on track!

The holidays have flown by and we wish you all a Happy New Year! To make a fresh start to 2020, we would like to give you some tips on how to get your motivation back on track until the end of the year. The next summer break may seem far away, but we are […]

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Exchange experiences around the globe

The deadline for the exchange application is nearing and choosing can be quite difficult. To give you an impression of what is to come, we have gathered some experiences of fellow students spread throughout the world. Here are some short stories about Helsinki, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Lisbon, and Singapore! Stephan Kroon • Helsinki, Finland […]

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Exchange application step by step

Exchange is the perfect opportunity to go abroad and discover a different culture and language. During your minor, the first semester in your third year, it is possible to study abroad in cities all over the world. This may seem a bit far away, but you need to register this month to be able to […]

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Dress to impress • How to dress for business events

As a student, you often come into contact with companies. Because most people are not the easiest at finding an appropriate outfit, this week’s blog is about how to dress for specific business events and how to save time in your closet searching for one. It is of course very important to give a good […]

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How to overcome procrastination?

Ever found yourself at 2 AM struggling to complete an assignment that is due the next morning, after having wasted your whole day? You might be a procrastinator: a person who habitually puts off doing things – like work or studying. Procrastinating has some short-term psychological benefits, but can be dangerous in the long run. […]

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Vegan hotspots for you to enjoy!

Everyone knows that you can almost eat anything in Amsterdam. A lot of different cuisines come together in this capital city. For instance, there are many vegan dishes you can try out, and not just salads. As a student eating out can be quite expensive, so you might as well get a good meal out […]

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Master your mindset • The key to your success

Your personal well-being is strongly dependent on how you think about yourself and the world surrounding you. Even though it is almost always associated with spiritual subjects like meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, it is not always like that. Knowing how your mindset influences your daily life can be very important and can increase your happiness […]

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Find out how to develop powerful presentation skills!

After high school, you have probably all experienced doing many presentations, and this is not the easiest thing to do for everyone. Do you always feel nervous about a presentation? Do you prefer to not present at all? Or do you think you can improve your presentation skills? Then take your time and read the […]

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Surviving until 2020 • Indoor Festivals

As the days get shorter, the temperature is dropping, and it becomes harder to wake up, it is more important than ever to keep that energy up! In order to keep these amazing summer vibes active, we have selected the best indoor festivals for the coming weeks for you. 9 & 10 NOVEMBER • De […]

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How to rock your job application?

Whether it’s right now or a few years from now, at some point you are going to have to look and apply for a job. Although there are so many jobs out there, finding the right one is always difficult. Even after you have found it, you won’t always get hired. In order to become […]

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5 tips to nail your exams!

Exams are tough, let’s be honest. You spend hours, days, maybe even weeks, revising everything you need to know to nail your upcoming exams. There is just one obstacle between you and passing the course: the exam itself! Fortunately, there are various skills that you can develop that will make a difference between success and […]

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Dance all night long! • Amsterdam Dance Event

Do you need a little break from studying? This Wednesday will be the start of the annual Amsterdam Dance Event! The Amsterdam Dance Event is a music festival and conference where many creative artists perform and where music lovers go to. These days and nights are dedicated to electronic music culture with 2500 artists, 600 […]

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