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Christmas present tips

HoHoHo, it’s Christmas time again! Christmas will be different this year. You probably won’t be able to spend it with all your friends and family together. Although you may not be able to spend Christmas with all your family due to Corona, we came up with some original ways for you to still make Christmas […]

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Tips for last minute studying

Studying for exams can be hard because of several reasons: Lack of motivation, work, being busy with other extracurricular activities etc. This might cause you to study last minute, which can be difficult and chaotic. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your last minute studying, to maximize your […]

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Student Jobs During a Pandemic

Finding a job in the current COVID-19 pandemic is for most a lot harder than before. The most popular student job is working at cafés and restaurants, but that is impossible at the moment. Sadly, all cafés and restaurants are closed. However, the crisis has boosted some markets, so there are still a lot of […]

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How to start the period the right way!

Maybe last period didn’t go as well as you hoped, maybe it did go well and you just want to improve even more. Whatever your situation is: starting your next period well prepared, will help you to study better. In this blog I will give you some pointers on how to get a head start. […]

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Create the perfect CV

One of the most important aspects to your job portfolio is a professional and good-looking Curriculum Vitae. You want to make sure that you stand out with the content on your CV! Here are some tips to build your perfect CV. Pick a nice design Many companies get lots of other CV’s. So, in order […]

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How to choose a new laptop

Due to COVID-19, almost everything is online. This means that having some form of a digital workstation has become highly critical, now more than ever. Having a device that suits you and can do everything you need is very important, but the options are endless. Read on for all the key points that you should […]

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Everything about Inhouse Days

Whether you are a first-year bachelor or a master student, it is very important to focus on your future career.  Aureus organizes many different events for you to help you learn more about different companies. Especially in-house days are very informative. They can help you find out what you are interested in and what kind […]

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What you must know about your first bachelor year!

After a fun introduction week, the academic year has now really started. Maybe you have done another study before, but maybe this is your very first time at a university. You will enter an exciting new phase in your life, and in this blog, we want to let you know what to expect in your […]

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This year’s Aureus recap!

The end of the year is here, or very close if you still have to retake exams. We hope you’ll make it with the final exams of the year, and we wish you the best of luck! We hope you have found our blogs interesting over the past year and would like to thank you […]

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Fun places to go in the Netherlands

The exams are almost over and the summer holidays can nearly start! Of course, we hope that the exams went well and that you finished them with a good result. Because you will probably have more free time in the near future, you will also be able to go out and explore the surroundings. In […]

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Aureus cook-off winners

We hereby announce the winners of the big Aureus cook-off competition. We received some nice recipes but only three of them could win. On the third place we have two winners:  Marie Krumbein: Apple Pie based on my granny’s recipe with a vegan twist You need 100g of almonds, 150ml soy milk, 120g brown sugar, […]

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Job Applications in times of Corona

Now that physical contact is on hold due to the Corona Crisis, there are a lot of changes in common processes. One of which is applying for a new job. As we all need an income, applying for jobs is something that cannot wait. To help you in your quest for that perfect job, here […]

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