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Meet the City • Vintage Stores

Fast fashion is the new thing: brands react to catwalk fashion and are able to offer what is trendy quickly and for relatively low prices. However, this is not great for the environment. As a solution to this problem, we have found some great vintage stores (besides the Episode and Zipper), that offer great vintage […]

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Boosting Quality of Life by Taking a Smarter Approach to Mobility

Quality of life in big cities and busy business districts is an increasing problem in the world today. Populations are growing and more and more professionals commute by car, which in turn leads to more emissions. These are all reasons to raise people’s awareness of shared mobility. Simone van de Koppel, Hub Manager at Next […]

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Take a break in and around the VU!

It’s no surprise that everyone knows breaks (in moderation) help foster effective studying. Lucky for us here at the VU, we have lots of options in and around campus for a fun, productive break. Studies show that taking a break positive effect your attention level, something we all could use some help with when hitting […]

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How to save money like a pro!

Growing up and handling your finances is a step everyone has to take at some point in their life. For some, it might be easier because they are used to handling their own money from early on, but not everyone has that experience. It is necessary for every young adult to learn how to save […]

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Entrepreneur Story • Sushito

Hello readers, we are today for an interview with the two founders of Sushito, a chain of Mexican / Hawaiian / Japanese restaurants in Amsterdam. Two years ago they brought the concept of sushi burrito and poke bowls to Amsterdam. It immediately boomed and they opened three (soon four) restaurants in less than 3 years! […]

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Does international experience benefit your future career?

In our university, we are constantly encouraged to go on international trips, take a semester abroad or just broaden our horizon in general. Why are these things important in our journey to a prospective career and what else does a company expect of you? We had an interview with Simon Doedens, Manager M&A at KPMG […]

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The Best Budget Vacation Destinations

We are halfway through the academic year and the time has come to start thinking about every student favorite time of the year; vacation! For us, during these dark January days, even the thought of vacations can brighten the mood. In addition to this, as summer is still far away, there are many early-bird discounts […]

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Bachelor in the pocket! What to do next?

No matter what study you are doing, what student life you had, or how long your student life lasted, we will all eventually come to the question of, “What do I want to do next?” This question may make you sweat, but wait!… There are plenty of options! We want to help ease your mind […]

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Meet the City • Where to live in Amsterdam

It doesn’t matter what year you are in because we are all on the same journey. There are many different options on where to live in when going to university. The three most common option in Amsterdam are either living by yourself, in a residence or at the Uilenstede campus. We have gathered information from […]

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Meet the City • Breakfast & Lunch Hotspots

Happy new year dear readers! The blog team hopes that everybody spent the holiday with love, gratitude and most importantly relax! The new period just started and it is already hard to turn into a study mindset. Even though you just had a break, it is important to take a new one! The blog team […]

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas Break

The Christmas Break is around the corner and that means we can forget about studying for a week or two and have some fun! Besides eating Christmas food with family and friends, there are a lot of other ways to spend your time during the holiday. We have listed some of them for you. Amsterdam […]

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Finding Your Career Path

In this Blog, we interviewed Javier Leonor, a Spanish born expat whose career path was anything from predictable. Throughout our discussion, we will reflect on what brought Javier to the point he is now, from post-graduation to his move abroad. Who are you? Javier Leonor was born and raised in Segovia, Spain, and is currently […]

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