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Speaker Series Recap • Michael van Praag

Two weeks ago, the director of the Royal Dutch Football League (KNVB) and Vice-President of UEFA visited the VU to discuss and to express his opinion about ‘hot’ topics in football: What’s the deal with all the corruption? Why are the rules of the game still so old fashion? In this Speaker Series Recap, we […]

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Throwback • VU Introduction Week 2017

As you might still remember, a few weeks ago the introduction week of 2017 kicked off at the VU campusplein. More than 3000 first year students came to the VU to have a great start of this new chapter of their life. Keep reading to look back on that first amazing week: the 2017 Introduction […]

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Good Food, Good Mood • 5 great places to lunch near the VU

Food, isn’t it all we think of? Especially during boring lectures! Our minds tend to wander thinking of what to eat for lunch. As students we often have limited funds, so we have to spend it wisely. Did you forget to bring lunch today, or would you just like to know where you can get […]

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Graduates Development Program Update #3 ready for takeoff!

We can almost say the words: Sawobona Swaziland – Hello Swaziland! Only one week left, and then we will be leaving for Swaziland. Looking back, it has been an amazing year, with the best part yet to come! Personally, I have never worked with such an enthusiastic and passionate team. Besides our jobs, studies and […]

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Sandy toes & a sun kissed nose: Summer Must-Do’s

For many of us the final week of this study year has arrived. That means that, besides from some work here and there, you have two months off. You are probably already day dreaming about what you are going to do with all that free time. While we don’t want to keep you from meeting […]

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The steps towards working abroad; how to start your career!

End of 2015 and beginning of 2016 it was finally time: searching for a graduate internship for my education Technical Business Administration. At that moment all difficult questions about the future popped up, while you already know that you will not find the answers on all questions, stress! After thinking for a while I came […]

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